The Belgian team

Sybille du Parc

Sybille du Parc is the founder and President of Abantu Zambia.

Settled in Zambia since 1994, Sybille's attachement and time devoted to the Zambian projects have taken on much importance as time passes. She plays a role in all the activities undertaken by Abantu Zambia, as well as those in Belgium.

Present in Zambia for more than three months a year, Sybille evaluates and selects the projects originating in Zambia. She also plays a key role in their fundraising, follow-up and evaluation.

Anne Deghilage

Anne joined the team in 2009 as Project Manager and was named Administrator in 2011.

Anne applies her time principally to the task of raising funds from corporations and private individuals, as well as the organisation of events and their funding. She also willingly takes charge of managing certain projects by going regularly to Zambia.
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Hugo Vercammen

Hugo joined the Board of Directors in 2008.

Thérèse Delatte

Thérèse joined the team in 2013 after a long career in the pharmaceutical field. She also devotes her time to raising funds from non-profit and other organisations. As a doctor and pharmacist, she is naturally oriented to projects in the medical field.
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Véronique Buchet

Véronique was employed in the business sector for more than 30 years, in a family business where she still is a board member.

Véronique made a decision to devote part of her personal time to a humanitarian cause, and is particularly interested in issues of education and childhood. She joined our team in 2013.
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Joëlle Bacq

Joëlle has taken on the responsibility of the association's accounting, on a voluntary basis.
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From its inception, Abantu Zambia has been able to count on the precious help of many volunteers, young Europeans fascinated by a real North/South dialog, and wishing to devote personal time to the projects.

They organise their own fund collections with friends in Belgium, thus becoming true partners in building or accompanying the project they have chosen. It is especially on site in Zambia that they demonstrate their energy and good sense.

The volunteers who have already gone to Zambia have :

- built houses to accommodate a teacher or a nurse
- built stores in proximity to the villages
- built, extended or renovated schools
- begun construction of or maintained orphanages
- created a nursing or doctoral training program
- etc.